New Solid Brass Gas Caps

Check out these BRASS BEAUTIES!

The wait is over and so is paying high prices on brass gas caps.

We bought a ton of material and pumped out a bunch of caps which allowed us to lower the price to ONLY $39.99 SHIPPED!

Included is your choice of a Steel or Aluminum Bung.

The Facts:

Easily welds to any tank...

Knurled Cap - Machined from a solid piece of brass and polished.

Non-Vented - Cap will have to be drilled out if a vented cap is needed.

• Bungs - Machined from either D.O.M steel or 6061 aluminum and stepped to make welding a breeze. Just drill a 1" hole and drop it in!

1/8" Buna-N O-Ring - Temperature range -35 to +250 F. Durometer hardness is A70.

MADE in the USA!



OD = 1 5/8"

Height (Including Threads) = 3/4"

Knurled Edge = 1/4"

Bung ONLY:

OD = 1 5/8"

Height = 3/8”


Brass Cap

Buna-N Seal

Steel Bung

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