#Repost @lowbrowcustoms ・・・ Just when you thought you have seen...

#Repost @lowbrowcustoms
Just when you thought you have seen everything… Adam Nelson bought this 1983 cb750 Tri-Magnum last year from the original builder in OHIO. This is a 2 seater reverse trike that was built in the mid 80s with plans purchased from the 83’ February catalog of Illustrated Mechanics. It’s not a kit car. Only the blue prints were ever sold. You had to build everything from scratch other than the cb750 motorcycle powering it. Make sure to check this gnarly ride out at @fuelcleveland on July 29th! #fuelcleveland #fuelcleveland2017 #cheapthrillsgoodtimes #kustomtech #oldbikebarn #lincolnelectric #lowbrowcustoms #thegasbox #ftcl

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