#Repost @lowbrowcustoms ・・・ We also wanted to say how excited we...

#Repost @lowbrowcustoms
We also wanted to say how excited we are to have Cal’s Father from @retrofitcycleworks Joe Piorkowski is bringing his Panhead “Mary Jane” to @fuelcleveland as well. Joe has had this bike in his head since he was 16, “he just wanted to build an old club bike based on the outlaw magazines he saw when he was a kid” - Cal… Joe has built countless bikes over the years but he has never been able to build a Panhead until now. Cal and Joe picked up the bike wrecked off someone about 8 years ago, “it was squashed between 2 cars.” They saved what most people would never touch and built it based on those old mags. It’s so cool to see a father son relationship and the love for motorcycles these two share. #fuelcleveland #fuelcleveland2017 #kustomtech #cheapthrillsgoodtimes #lincolnelectric #oldbikebarn #lowbrowcustoms #thegasbox #ftcl

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