#royalenfield_na #buildoff @chopdocs vs @sincentralgarage...

#royalenfield_na #buildoff @chopdocs vs @sincentralgarage #smokeout18 #smokeoutrally @thehorse_smokeout June 16 & 17 ・・・ @sincentralgarage
Officer Sean Hartzog offered up some beds and his driveway in Newnan, Georgia to put on a clutch cable and get a test ride in before getting to the Smoke Out Rally. Good thing we did it here. Catastrophic brake failure. Not sorted yet but had to get loaded and on the road. #chopdocs #royalenfieldbuildoff #chopper @chopdocs I think you might have won this one buddy. @royalenfield_na does it have to be able to stop? #brakesjustslowyoudown

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