YOU SHOOT THE COVER CONTEST! Have you ever thought: “Hey, I could...


Have you ever thought: “Hey, I could do better than that?“ Well here is your chance!
We are having a contest for future covers to be shot by you, the readership. The winner will have their photo shoot on the cover along with a two-year subscription.
This is what you have to do: •The photos must be digital, at least 300dpi and 8in x 10in in size •The cover has to be shot vertically, at least 15 shots •We will need inside pics, so take some horizontal shots as well, at least 50 •The girl can be in a bikini, lingerie, dress, skirts or even naked (we can use her naked for the digital edition) •We will need not only the shots of the girl and the bike, but a feature to go along with the cover, no more than 800 words •Send all submissions to: The Horse Cover Contest, 51089 Milano Drive, Macomb, MI 48042
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