Congrats to @thehorsebc @fabkevin for being selected for The...

Congrats to @thehorsebc @fabkevin for being selected for The Greasy Dozen Mentor program!

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Greasy Dozen Builder Collective Special Announcement!
We are pleased to introduce a new aspect of our little Builder Collective, The Greasy Dozen Mentor program! The idea is we are going to have 3 mentors one for each category of bike! First up is @fabkevin in the chopper department! Kevin has graciously agreed to have a group chat with our builders and provide his personal phone number to our up and coming builders! He will offer fabrication support, mental support (building a bike is not always easy) and share his experience in his 20 plus years in the industry! The Greasy Dozen Builder collective has always been about cooperation and inspiring and encouraging people to get their hands dirty and build a bike. We have been giving away $15-20k a year in parts for 6 years now and this addition of a mentor program is near and dear to our hearts. Real men don’t complain about hipsters and spew hate, they teach the ways of the torch and wrench to the next generation! -Bear #thegreasydozenbuildercollective #greasydozen #greasydozenrun #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn #builtnotbought @michaellichterphotography

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