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The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Running Free Issue No.1

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Running Free Issue No.1

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Collectors Issue: The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Running Free Issue No.1. As a bonus we are throwing in a free sticker too!


"Another special issue by The Horse. This one reaches into the impetus of Running Free and expands on the notion of what Running Free is all about. Of course we would prefer each and every adventure be on a chopper or a bob-job, but fact is just negotiating the streets of New York with Bobby Seeger and the Indian Larry crew requires some urban texture just to survive; just ask Debo. So in Running Free we are focusing on the ride, not the bike they chose. I seriously doubt my nine-foot long Shovelhead would make it up the Himalayas even with the Sugar Bear springer! And if you have been reading The Horse/Iron Horse all these years, you know that it’s not so much what you ride, as long as you ride. So go through these pages not with a critical eye for the bike per se, but for the intended purpose of the bike, to ride. Although that ACO winner is bad ass!"

Hammer Founder

"The hardest thing for me everyday is coming up with new ideas to keep The Horse BC pages full of excitement. I’ve collected many issues of old original bike magazines and browse through them every few days looking for inspiration. Well, I realized that the hugest inspiration for me is just seeing people out Running Free on their bikes and enjoying the ride. This issue is about being out there with the wind in your face, twisting the throttle, clear head, heart at ease, feeling the rumble of your bike. Regardless of what kind of bike you ride or where you ride to, just jump on it and go. When you stop to ll up your tank or reach your destination, take a quick photo and send it to us. We would love to see you out Running Free and share it with The Horse BC readers."

Chanel “Mz. Debo” President

"Summer is here with a vengeance! Don’t just stare out of the window daydreaming about that epic ride you’ve been thinking about for years, get out there and do it! Don’t worry about breakdowns or potential weather problems, these things just make for better memories down the line (although they do kinda suck at the time). I don’t know of anyone that went for it and is still stuck on the side of the road somewhere. Stop using the “I need to fix my brakes first” excuse! Brakes just slow you down, man! Go over the bike, x the issues you’ve been ignoring all winter hoping that the magic garage Genie would do for you. Change the oil, ll the tank and head out! I went for a 100 mph blast through the Nevada desert last week (details will be in the next issue of The Horse BC) and it’s great to get the cobwebs out of your head, to stop worrying about the mundane day to day bills and commitments and just get some wind in your face. Get to that Zen-like moment where there’s just you and the machine and the world flying by."

There’s nothing like it.

Englishman Editor


Cover: Dyna for Dad by Aaron Coit

Model: Amy

Photographer: Mark Fountain



Himalayan Heroes by Bear Haughton (Old Bike Barn)

Hot Rod Hack by Paul Gallucio

Old Green Honda by Paul Pluckhahn

Totalled Rebuild by Dan Blake

2017 ACO Winner by Brandon Keene, Photos by Bob Webster

Enfield Eliminator Winner of 2017 Royal Enfield Build Off by Ronnie (Chop Docs), Photos by Mikey Revolt (Lowbrow Customs)

Blue Collar Build Off 2018 Winners: 435 Custom Cycles, Pound Town Choppers, Dysfunctional Veterans, Illinois Tall Boys, Team Sneere, Team DK, Backyard Bikes, 515 Cusoms, Rusty's Misfits, Flat Billed Customs, Grim's Reapers and Falling Rocks.

2018 The Greasy Dozen by Hammer

XLD5: Shortsters Comeback Special 

Four String Brewing by Mz. Debo

Checkerboard Shovel by Trystan Aguilar, Photos by Rusty Healy Photography

Cover Contest Submissions


Electra-Blonde in Blue by Alex

The Beast by Jeff Stefanini

Runnin’ Free Submissions (6 pages!)