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About us

Mission Statement: Motorcycle Magazine
The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine has established itself as a high quality publication with an intensely loyal readership. The riding public is thirsty for an american motorcycle source that satisfies the craving for home-built choppers, bobbers and creative customs and The Horse Backstreet Choppers delivers. 
While other publications cater to the so-called "master builders," we here at The Horse recognize that the "real" master builders are not those rhinestone biker lites that build $50,000 static displays, but rather the average Joe who struggles to make ends meet. It's the guy who slaves away ten hours a day, then works until midnight in his garage, welding, cutting, and creating the bike of his dreams that inspires us to produce the best motorcycle magazine that we can. 
We recognize the dedication it takes to burn the midnight oil during those cold winter nights, alone in the garage wondering if it's inspiration or insanity that compels such dedication: maybe both. It's that guy that we here at The Horse bust our asses for. It's not about shows; it's not about parties; it's not about labels-- it's about blood and guts, the will to win and sacrifice. It's just that simple. 
Welcome to The Horse Backstreet Choppers.