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Effective 2017

Welcome to The Horse BackStreet Choppers World!!

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine is a publication of cCherie, LLC  

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine is transforming the way consumers capture, manage, share and enjoy meaningful life experiences. Our customers include some of the world's most active and passionate people within the motorcycle industry and beyond the industry. The quality and volume of their shared content, coupled with their enthusiasm for our brand, virally drives awareness and demand for our products. 

From an extreme chopper to mainstream bobber, garage to shop, professional to consumer, The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine has enabled the world to embrace the custom motorcycle industry. And in doing so, the world, in turn, is helping The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine become one of the most exciting and aspirational companies of our time. 

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine is committed to vigorously upholding our public image as the industry leader for custom motorcycle magazines. A strong brand image contributes to our long-term success, while certain consumer advertising and promotional practices that are inconsistent with our distribution and marketing policies can degrade the marketability of our product and undermine our position in the market.

We recognize that our success is tied to the success of our network of select authorized dealers. We also know that many of our dealers invest significant time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. We want to protect their ability to do so, while at the same time discouraging price-­‐based advertising that would be detrimental to our dealers’ service and support efforts. As a result, The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine has unilaterally established this Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy. 

*IMPORTANT: As of January 1st 2017, no shipments will be made to any wholesaler or distributer without having completed this form and returning it to us.


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