The Horse Smoke Out 50's Style Drag Racing

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Smoke Out Issue No.1

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It is 50’s drag racing. There will be no timing lights or timers or any of that high-tech drag racing stuff.   

Just the cutest girl in the shortest skirt waving a scarf and you’re off.  Y’all can argue about who won.  It’s awesome to watch.

  1. No alcohol (and of course drugs) of any kind.  If there is any suspicion that you had a drink with in twelve hours before the run then you cannot run.
  2. Each racer needs to do two-solo practice runs before they can run head-to-head (as a safety precaution to get used to the track and all that) and riders must leave the starting line with both hands on the handlebars.
  3.  You must wear the following gear.  A helmet, eye protection, gloves, boots or shoes high enough to cover the ankles, a leather jacket and long pants (no shorts).
  4. Before your first run you must do an inspection of your bike to look for any safety issues, including a tread wear inspection and tire pressure check.  If you need help, ASK!!  Any bike that leaks anything will not be allowed to run because the track has to stay safe to run.





Check out a video of the last The Horse Smoke Out sponsored by Lowbrow Customs! June 16-17, 2017 

The Horse Smoke Out 2017 Presented by Lowbrow Customs from Lowbrow Customs on Vimeo.


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