The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Smoke Out Issue No.1

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Collectors Issue: The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Smoke Out Issue No.1

This issue features the most chaotic event from 2017 by The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine.  2017 was the last year of 'The Horse Smoke Out'. The winners and the drama of the event is covered in this special issue. Our first ever special collectors issue of 'The Horse Smoke Out' showcasing the last ever of 'The Horse Smoke Out'. A perfect ending to a great event created by the owner, Hammer, of The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine.

As a bonus we are throwing in a free sticker too!  

The Epicenter of Chaos and Price Gouging

Regardless what you may have heard, The Horse Smoke Out is dead, finished, non-existent for 2018. In 2019 The Horse will be putting on the original Horse Backstreet Choppers Smoke Out. We have the venue and have been signing some great bands, not the same old stale bands that had been making the Smoke Out dull and lifeless…. The rumored event in Rockingham this year, if it actually takes place, will be anything but “epic.” Unless of course you see it as an epic failure. To wit, all vendors have to pay not only for a vendor space but they also have to purchase an event ticket to enter. What kind of rip off is that? No other event on the planet charges vendors an additional fee to enter after paying for a vendor space. Plus the entrance fee is the most expensive of any motorcycle event. And what will you get for your expensive ticket? Well, you won’t get the ACO, Pro Builders, Cherry Bomb Girls, coverage in the magazine, The Horse Girls, Editors Choice Award, Special Recognition Award or any of The Horse activities. Where is all your money going? To line the pockets of Flat Black? Like a snake oil salesman, come to the event and see men with fat beer bellies to excite you (as promoted on their site, no kidding). 

When you let the inmates run the asylum, your management skills are lacking. For example, the band runs the show, make no doubt about it. When they want to tune up, they knock off any performance and take over the stage just to show who’s in charge. What kind of craziness is that? When you can’t count and award the first place winner for the Pro Chop Off to the wrong builder, leaving the actual winner in the dust, there is something seriously wrong with the organizers... Food vendors are falling by the wayside, vendors are backing out because they don’t sell anything and years of treating everyone like shit have created an “epic” event alright, but for the wrong reasons. 

Save your money for next year and The Horse will give you back your event, not stale beer and fat men with beards to keep you entertained. 

- Hammer
Founder of The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine & The Horse Smoke Out

Check out a video of the last The Horse Smoke Out sponsored by Lowbrow Customs! 

The Horse Smoke Out used to be a two-day event celebrating what we all love... motorcycles. Not just any motorcycles though. We are talking about choppers, bobbers, vintage, home/ garage built motorcycles. This used to be the place to be if you have one of these cool motorcycles. In issue #177 Hammer reminisces about what he originally started almost 20 years ago.



The Horse Smoke Out 2017 Presented by Lowbrow Customs

Take a look back at The Horse B.C. Magazine's Smoke Out 18 which was held in Rockingham, NC on June 16-17th 2017. This show has a little bit of everything for everyone, from brilliant choppers, drag racing, crazy minibikes and drift trike racing, to ACO, Pro Builders, Cherry Bomb Girls, coverage in the magazine, The Horse Girls, Editors Choice Award, Special Recognition Award and some other activities. Boomer's Burn & Turn gave away a titled 1977 titled frame and Lowbrow Customs gave away a rebuilt Shovelhead motor to one lucky show attendee. If you missed out on this one, make sure to not miss the one will be having in 2019!

Music by:
"Daydreaming of The South"
Composed by: Bryan Mathys

"Soul Challenger"
"Freed from Greed"
Composed by: Cullah

"Quit Your Bitchin" - Live
Composed by Rebel Son

"Drunk in The Daylight" - Live
Composed by: The Koffin Kats



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