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The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Special #83 presents 'Iron Horse Magazine #165'

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Special #83 presents 'Iron Horse Magazine #165'

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Collectors Issue: The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine presents Iron Horse Magazine Issue No.165. As a bonus we are throwing in a free sticker too!


"Name look familiar? The Horse was always a continuation of Iron Horse Magazine, even while a very pale image of Iron Horse Magazine was back on the stands to make a very embarrassing resurrection. It failed miserably and most of us try to forget those years. Reminds me of how the Indian name has been prostituted to the point of extinction. But the name is back where it has always belonged. This issue is covering two main events to start out, showcasing bikes, a lot of bikes with little or no narrative. We need your feedback on what you would like to see in Iron Horse Magazine. It’s going to evolve naturally so we encourage you to feel a part of Iron Horse Magazine, just like you have with The Horse, so let’s make Iron Horse Magazine great again!!!"

Hammer Founder


"2018 is almost over and that means the riding season for some is just about over too. Staying in Michigan I look forward to that time of the year when the snow starts to melt and the days get longer. To me, it means it’s riding season. Time to pack a bag, jump on the bike and hit the road to some of the most epic places in the USA. Unfortunately for me this year was not a good riding year, nothing went as planned. Even though I couldn’t jump on my bike, I was still looking forward to attending some really cool events and checking out some new bike builds. For me, as of today, the top two events of 2018 has been Born Free and Fuel Cleveland. Two events that give all builders an opportunity to show of their skills and provide a good time for the customer motorcycle industry. Well enough talk. Let the photos do the talking!

Chanel “Mz. Debo” President


At the time of writing here, it’s another grey chilly day, it looks like the best of summer is gone and soon we’ll be plunged back into the world of scraping windshields first thing in the morning. Luckily, this issue is chock-full of summer brightness and warm memories. Kudos to those of you smart enough to live in a climate where you can ride all year. While you’re gearing up for another desert ride, I’ll be checking the oil level in the snowblower and preparing for another ice and salt assault. We’re depending on you guys out in the year round nice weather to send in those pics on the road and of cool chops you see in the way, so we can live vicariously through you and get those shots into The Horse!

Englishman Editor



Iron Horse Magazine Issue #165

Cover: Photographer Mikey Revolt

Photographer: Mark Fountain



Born Free 10 .... Photographer: Gary Quiring

Fuel Cleveland .... Photographer: Mark Fountain

Runnin’ Free