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The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Special #91 presents 'Iron Horse #166'

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Special #91 presents 'Iron Horse #166'

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Collectors Issue:The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Special #91 presents 'Iron Horse #166.' As a bonus we are throwing in a free sticker too!


"I am really excited about bringing Iron Horse back to life and where it always belonged. I remember being hooked on Iron Horse like many of you were, looking forward to each issue, riding 20 miles on the Shovel to get a copy, often being told it hasn’t arrived yet. It was always hit-and-miss anyway, trying to find the latest issue, but that was half the fun, looking for the newest issue until I found it. Magazines are a dying breed right now with huge conglomerates sucking up magazines like a giant vacuum cleaner and retiring most of what they harvest. For us everyday is a challenge, every issue an exhaustive race against time and money but somehow we make it. If there ever was a labor of love, you are looking at it."

Thanks... Hammer Founder


"With the popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms I realize that a lot of readers actually enjoy the photos more than lengthy editorials and obligatory text that accompany each bike. The Horse has the write-ups, the in-your-face editorials and expanded coverage of the chopper scene. Iron Horse will be more of a static social media reflection of events, bikes and just random, Running Free type pics. Since space is limited when features come with text I have to decide which photos to select to compliment the feature. Not so in Iron Horse. As you will see in this issue, Sturgis has a ton of photos which speak volumes for the event. So many in fact that if you were there, you may just find yourself on one of these pages. I hope you enjoy Iron Horse; I know I enjoy putting it together."

Chanel “Mz. Debo” President


"It’s the middle of winter now. You know what that means? The project bike you intend to ride to Sturgis this year is not going to build itself! Time’s a wastin’! It’s later than you think. Ignore the Groundhog, Daytona Bike Week is literally around the corner and you are not ready!!! Oh wait, maybe this is me... Well, I can’t be the only one! Let all the incredible pictures in this issue inspire you to get it done and on the road in time to join in the festivities this summer... or just ride to nowhere all by yourself, that’s fine too. Got a bucket list ride to do but keep putting it off? Just do it, you’ll be glad you did or forever remorseful you didn’t! What’s the worst that could happen?"

Englishman Editor


Cover Bike Builder: Brian Buttera owner of Buttera's Metal Werk

Photographer: Mark Fountain



Lowdown Hoedown Daytona Biketoberfest 2018

The Machine Show Braidwood


A Canadian Vision

Dustin the Wind

Hot Rod

Olive Juice

Boomerang Shovel

Ragged Old Flag

The Horse BackStreet Choppers Sturgis Free Bike Show 2018

Cover: Dream Build by Brian Buttera owner of Buttera's Metal Werk

Sturgis Runnin’ Free 


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